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One Year On Tarceva!


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Hi All,

We are celebrating today the fact that my husband has now been on Tarceva for a year and had great success. Our local paper did a follow up I have included the link below.

A CANCER sufferer is celebrating a milestone in his treatment today.

It's been a year since grandad Jimmy Jenkyns, 55, of Bainbridge Avenue, Simonside, South Shields, started taking lung cancer drug Tarceva.

The victim of a postcode lottery, he was forced to pay for the drug privately at first, at a cost of £1,700 a month, because health chiefs in South Tyneside refused to fund it.

But after a high-profile campaign, led by his wife Deanne, 40, South Tyneside Primary Care Trust agreed to pay for the drug in September.

To view full article click link :)

http://www.shieldsgazette.com/news/Canc ... 3941642.jp




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you don't need me tot ell you how proud I am of both of you cause you already know that!! CONGRATS and hope Ya have a great party today in whatever you do! Glad Jimmy and Yourself are doing well!!! Need to get to your site and review things and Folks!

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I LOVED :D your posting about you and your husband. What a wonderful celebration you must be having!

Congratulations, and continued success. You are a lovely couple and I especially admire your tenacity. Great going there. This stuff is food for the soul.

It definitely lifted my spirits.



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Great news. I admire your pursuit of getting the drug funded. There are similar challenges in Canada re Tarceva. Too many rules about who can have it and who can't based on previous treatment, different treatment protocols in different provinces etc. I know of some who have paid for on their own...but they are doing well so worth it. So good for you...continued best wishes.

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Jimmy and Deanne:

Congratulations to you both for your suceess with the UK medical system and with the treatment itself. I hope Jimmy has many good years ahead.

I am on tarceva myself and I think it is still working. I find out at the end of April.

Don M

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Jimmy and Deanna-

Good for both of you - Jimmy for kicking the cancer butt with Tarceva and for you, Deanna for being such a wonderful advocate!!! You are both an inspiration!!

I know here in the States Tarceva can cost several thousand dollars a month without prescription co-pay!! Its absolutely ridiculous!!

Continued blessing to you both - please keep us posted!!

Hugs- Patti B

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Congratulations!!!! I, too, just finished up my first year taking Tarceva in March.

So far, so good. There has been some improvement and a lot of "stable" -- guess we can't ask for much more than that, right?

Thanks for all you are doing!!

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