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Gratitude - April 3rd 2008


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Oh, what a beautiful morning,

Good morning all,

finally some sunshine

and weather in the low



The secret of patience

is doing something else

in the meantime.



Nothing is more conducive

to peace of mind than not

having an opinion at all.



Have a good day.


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I'm grateful to have so many people in my life that truly care about me. Often, we feel as if no one cares and then, out of the blue, people show they care.

I had a doctors appointment today and he remembered I was out of work now. He didn't charge for the office visit and he gave me weeks worth of samples in lieu of prescriptions!!!

Then, I walked into my hairdressers shop to make an appointment for a cut tommorrow. I hadn't been there since December and she's only done my hair twice before. She's from Guatemala and is very religious and has such strong faith. She said that yesterday, for no reason, I popped into her mind and she said a prayer for me. Her church is having fasting on Sunday and having a day of prayer. She had me on her list already! God does work in mysterious ways!!! I also asked her to add all of you on her prayer list, so expect some mighty good things to be happening!!!

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