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Awaiting Next CT Scan


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Hi everyone, I'm starting to get a little nervous about my next CT scan on the 17th. Last time they advised me of 3 lesions. One was 6mm in size, and the other two they didn't think were the cancer.

I had my left upper lobe removed in December of 06, so I am 1 year and 4 months past diagnosis. I had RFA done on two other lesions on the right lower lobe last September.

I've never had a CT that was NED, so I'm just hoping to remain stable for now - I've got too much to do, guys! Can't help starting to get apprehensive though. l

I'm also having lots of aches in my lower back, buttocks, and back of my thighs... I'm wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms?

Also, they found 3 lesions on my thyroid, which the doctors say is pretty much safe to say they are not cancerous, but I will have a repeat ultrasound in 3 more months.

Sorry to go on so long, but just needed to talk.




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Hi Barbara. Many folks here know all to well the anxiety leading up to test results....nothing quite like it. The waiting is so hard. So just know that others have been there and have had good news. And you have done so well so far there is no reason why that won't just continue. Hang in there

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Scanxiety is the worse!!! I will be posting about mine in another week!!! Just know that this is normal (remind me of that next week, please).

My last two made me a nervous wreck because I had all sorts of new aches and pains and turned it wasn;t related to my cancer at all.

Am sending you prayers for a great scan. Please let us know your results!!!

Hugs to you - Patti B.

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Hi Barbara,

Boy o' boy have I had the aches and pains before my scans. For me, about two weeks before the scans I can hardly walk, talk, I have mysterious bumps, bruises, neck aches, you name it - then a few days after the scan I magically start feeling better. It is the dreaded scanxiety syndrome. Try not to think about the aches and pains, if it is truly a problem it will stay with you after the scan.

I have my fingers for a stable scan next week.


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I'm not sure there is anything I can tell you to make you less anxious. It is so hard when scan time rolls around. So just imagine the relief you will feel when the news is good! We will be here for you in the meantime because we ALL know the scan anxiety!


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