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Michele (Shel)


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My name is Carol, and I was a friend of Michele.....she lost her battle with cancer on

July 12, 2007.........I pray for all of you with

this disease ........my dad died a year ago from cancer and the year before that, my father-in-law

died from cancer too.....

I know that all of you helped Michele with your positive thinking and prayers....

I know her husband is beside himself withe grief...

her granddaughter is very depressed without her grandma......also her son added another grandbaby


I know that Michele is looking down on all of you

and hoping that this thing we call life is not so

hard on you......

I hope one day there is a cure for this horrible disease....

If anyone would like to talk, I'm always here....

I love you Michele......I hope to see you in heaven..


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"Nick C"]Carol, I'm sorry you have experienced this loss like so many here.

I'm sorry for the loss of your Mom.......she sounds like one of the great ones....you know, everyone walks up to you and tries to console you, but sometimes words are not enough.......know that your mom appreciated you and is watching you right now....

God Bless you....



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"RandyW"]CArol also if you need anything we are here. Thanks for the kind and supportive words, thoughts and Prayers!

Thanks for people like you who have a heart.....I'm sorry you have to go thru this cancer crap...everywhere you turn, someone else has cancer..when I soul search, the only thing I could think of is that we are poisioning ourselves....

My grandparents on both sides lived to be in their late 90's......but, food was fresher back then...the animals weren't injected to plump them up....people grew their own gardens....

I'm sorry for the loss of your mom....you are in my prayers......I'm here if you ever want to bs..



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