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Getting to Know You - April 3


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My husband and I are electronically challenged. While our son was here he set up our new HDTV. We'd put off getting one because we knew it would take more than just plugging it in the wall for it to work.


No, we don't set the clock on our VCR either.

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Today, I gave in and went to the doctor about this allergic reaction I've been having for a couple of days. My family doctor remembered I was unemployed and uninsured and waived the office fee for my visit. In addition, he gave me a couple of months worth of samples of the meds I take regularly. So very nice of him...made me cry!!!

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My boss delivered me a box of

English mystery books, I had

pointed that they would interest

me but no way could I carry the

whole box. Was ready to buy a

few each time I worked........

So for $4.00 I got 40 books by

special delivery.


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Simple acts of kindness from stangers. A simple thing

such as holding the elevator door open when people

see me wheeling Alan in his wheelchair so we do not

have to wait for the next elevator. That happen a

couple of times yesterday as I took Alan for his blood work. :P

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