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:D Hi All,

My Dr informed me on my last visit for my 11th infusion of Alimta, that my PET/CT revealed SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION in the tumors in my right lung!! WHOO HOO!!! It also showed fluid (pluera?)around the lung which is the cause of my shortness of breath, but I am scheduled for a thoransentesis (sp?), tomorrow to releive that.

Not too bad for stage IV, huh..... I feel wonderful! Its been a long 16 months worth of treatments, illness, hairloss, anxiety, and daily thoughts of my own mortality. We all know how it goes. But it's amazing how a little bit of good news can give you a whole new attitude and a lot of hope for the future.

Thanks to all my family & freinds for the prayers and well wishes. My prayers go out to all who are brought to this site. Stay strong and fight!



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Hi Hidilynn. That news is just super. I had the "thora" thing to and had 3 litres of fluid drained. I dreaded the procedure of course but in the end it wasn't that bad. You will feel even better when it is done. Hopefully they don't have to keep it hooked up for too long. Mine was on for days, but it sounds like you are going in as out patient so you might be luckier. Celebrate and best wishes with the procedure tomorrow.

take care


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