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CT and Bone scan for Mom - UPDATE


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My mom is having her next CT scan tomorrow. There has also been a bone scan ordered. She's been having some body pains and some pains near the tumor site. We'll get the results next week. She, as usual, says "let's not worry until we find out results. Worrying won't change the outcome - it is what it is." God bless her heart. She never ceases to amaze me with her strength. Please keep her in your prayers.

Thanks so much,


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We've been through the bone pain with my mom several times over the last 15 months since her diagnosis. In fact she was at the Dr. yesterday because over the last week she developed severe pain in her back (near where she had the spine mets). It was a pinched nerve! Now, I've never celebrated a pinched nerve before, but I did yesterday.

I tell you this to illustrate that it may very well NOT be cancer. I will pray that this is the case with your mom.


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Thanks, everyone.

Well, it's a mixed bag of results. The bone scan showed inflamation/cancer in where 3 ribs connect to the sternum. But, luckily, nothing else. Seeing the radiation oncologist on Monday.

The CT scan shows haziness in the upper right lobe where her main tumor was/is - her oncologist was unsure if it is infection/pneumonia, pneumonitis from previous radiation, or cancer. Saw the pulmonologist who prescribed steriods for 6 days and antibiotics for 10. Never thought we'd hope for pneumonia! She'll go back for an Xray on Wednesday with results right after. If there is no improvement, she may have to have a bronchoscopy or needle biopsy. Then the 3 drs. will put together a plan and we'll go from there.

Thanks for listening.


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Hi Lisa,

Read your update and I do hope the haziness of the scan is something that can be treated easily and not cancer. I can't help, but to notice that your mom is on Alimta and Alimta caused my husband to have pneumonitis. Wondering if that is the cause . He had progressive sob and it became severe. He was given prednisone in high doses, tapering off as you go, but it was treatment over weeks.

I hope her next xray will show improvement and the radiation oncologist will be able to help with he ribs.

Let us know how it all turns out. Prayers coming in the meantime



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