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budget cuts and Less research Money!

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I recently attended the Winter Lung Special Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) conference held in Santa Monica, Calif. As I walked from my hotel to the conference, I wondered what I would hear about advancements in lung cancer research this year. I enjoy attending these conferences because of the knowledge of the hope that a cure will be found for this devastating disease.

I made my way to the registration booth and into the conference room. In prior years attendance at this conference would be filled with scientists excited about their laboratory's new research project or discovery made on a new pathway, repair gene or promising new chemotherapy agent.

This year, because of continued budget crunches, the room had many vacant seats and important lung cancer research has been abandoned because of funding shortages. Future lung SPORE conferences have been canceled altogether. These conferences have been a way for scientists to collaborate with one another on their laboratory's findings.

Lung cancer is the No. 1 cause of death from cancer. It is a national health crisis; there is a gross imbalance in cancer research funding. I know that many of you have had family, friends and co-workers meet an untimely death because of this disease. This will continue to be the case if we do not speak out. Please contact me at dviolette@prexar.com if you would like to send letters in support of lung cancer research.

Debra Violette, state chairwoman

Lung Cancer Alliance

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First, let me thank you for posting this. You are amazingly perceptive.

This news is "business as usual." I have been reading here and there, and everywhere that funding crunches have been in the mix for ever so long.

Of course, we hate hearing this. It's an abomination. Mainly, this is so abhorrent due to it having gone on for ever so very long in the case of lung cancer research.

Lung Cancer is the "anathema" of cancers. Public perception is that those who develop it are the initiators of their own illness. What a cop-out not to fund research.

This has got to change. Where are the public entertainers out there to push the judgemental-ism out of the picture?

They did it for HIV/AIDS. They were the "changers of public opinion". Where are they for those with lung cancer? Come on guys, help us out with this killer.



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