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Dad is back in the hospital - Updated

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Just 10 days ago my Dad took me to New York for my birthday. Then this past Tuesday he couldn't get out of bed. So, off to the hospital we go.

He had a mass removed from his chest 3 weeks ago. We are told that is was cancerous but not of a lung primary - of an unknown primary. They are running test after test on him right now. His Oncologist feels there are 2 seperate cancers going on right now. Neither one of them the lung cancer that is in remission.

The blood tests show pancreatic cancer yet they can't find it the scans and the mass from his chest shows a different cancer - it was a "mucus" mass telling his Onc that it is somewhere in the GI tract. The pancreas is cosidered the GI tract but she doesn't feel it is one in the same.

My Dad still can't even sit up - the pain meds are making him loopy -

Did I mention he now has Thrush.....no clue how he got that - he was not on antibiotics and is not dehydrated....maybe he is still breast feeding on the sly :-)

Hopefully we will have some answers soon. They can not do a PET scan as it needs to be done on an outpatient basis. The Onc told us she may never find the primary sites and we may just have to wait for more symptoms to show up.

If you got this far - thank you....I just need to vent.


4-6-08 Update

They found my Dad has cancer in the pancreas with spine mets. As soon as his pain has been controlled he will be comming home.

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