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Lung cancer (adenocarcinoma ) and Tarceva


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i'm from Italy and my father has lung cancer (adenocarcinoma) since june 2007 with multiple small cerebral metastasis.

He had a radioterapy cycle (all head irradiation) and 6 chemotherapy cycle (cisplatinum+vinorelbine every 21 days). At this moment, his cerebral situation is very good (just one small metastasi) and lung situation is stationary.

Now his doctor has proposed him to take tarceva to inprove and fix the lung situation.

My question is: is this a correct valutation?? If there will be a progression in disease, what kind of therapy we can spend again if we uses tarceva now?? Is possible chemioterapy again after tarceva??

Thanks and excuse me for my bad english.

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English is just fine Don't apologize. You should see my tyo=ping some days.

Tarceva is a routing drug. Chemo can be done afterwards depending on how well it works. IT is not a last line chemo at all. It is used as a maintenance chemo more so than curative. IT kind of keeps things in check and does improve somewhat ususally.

Hope this helps some!

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My mum is going back in this coming Monday for chemo (Alimta and Carboplatin)after having been on 150mg Tarceva for around eight months. Tarceva kept the cancer in check up till now. It had very promising results shrinking a number of tumours and it may work wonders for your dad. The side effects varied from month to month - rash and itch, dry skin, paper cuts in fingers, very long curly eyelashes, sore muscles and joints, very UV sensitive (stay out of the sun). All the best with it.


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I just wanted to chime in with a comment about the single brain met.

I don't know what's available in Italy, but Mom had really good sucess with using stereotactic radiosurgery for her single or double mets. It's extremely focused so it doesn't damage the good brain tissue and can be used numerous times.

Mom did carbo/taxol as first-line chemo. Then she did Tarceva. Then she went to Gemzar (I think that's the right one) and she held stable with the Tarceva for close to a year.

Best of luck to you and your dad. Stop back and keep us up to date on how he's doing!

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Dear friends,

thanks for all notices you told me! On friday 9 my dad will be 1 month with tarceva! It seems that situation is stationary but next staging will be only on june.

He didn't have large symptoms....just a little rush, a little diarrhoea and pruritus on chest....so i'm aksing myself if tarceva is working well.......

This forum is great...I feel myself alone in this period and i'm fighting with my dad against this terrible disease....

Thanks to all...i've found here true friends!!

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