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Dad with NSCLC, today...a constant cough...what was this?


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Hello all,

As you can see from the history, Dad was diagnosed almost 2 months ago.

After his first round of chemo, he got very dehydrated and weak and has been in hospital for 2 weeks. There issues were low platelets - (24)/Albumin/Sodium/low blood pressure and nutrition.

A few days later dad had a fall at the top of the stairs but didn't fall down them - phew! He was OK!Found out this was due to a blood pressure drop afterwards. (So, we take dads B/P regularly now)!

All seemed to be going alright until mid-morning this awful cough started and he couldn't stop - The Dr came out 3 hours later and prescribed some meds including a 5mg oral morphine dose.

This was so out of the blue, I thought that he would have a run of good days but this is s**t.

The Macmillon nurse will be meeting my dad tomorrow..which is great, and I'm glad that he is ready for that..

I have been offered some counsilling which I turned down a couple of weeks ago, but I've changed my mind now...as I've been getting inappropriately angry...so this will help..

I'm not religious but I have faith..and faith in people. So, what ever happens to me and my family to knock us about I will MAKE SURE that I get the balance back to have good times/fun in the future.

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Hi Elsie,sorry about your fathers problems.Hopefully they will get things more on track.There is nothing wrong with getting counceling at this difficult time.Sometimes life seems overwhelming and we need a little help to get by. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time.

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Welcome to the forum. So you need to be here and so sorry that your dad is having some problems right now.

Will be thinking of you and him and hoping that he is feeling better. These are difficult times for you both and if you need some help, you need to let the appropriate people know and help you.

Please keep us updated.

Hugs - Patti B

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Thank you for your kind words!

We found out that it was a chest infection, the Dr was called out and prescribed Buscopan - that worked at first but then later on the Palliative Care Team had to be called to give an injection (something similar to dry up the secretions). This knocked him out and saw him from 9pm - 5am when it all started again...

Suffice to say, he is going into the Hospice this evening, where they should be able to reassure him and us.

Thanks for letting me rant and Im very grateful to this site for letting me do so.

Love and Light.

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