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picturefrom Maui


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Oh my God, Barb - how simply beautiful!!!! I want to dive right into that water!!! How were you ever able to leave such a wonderful place!!!

I am so glad you got to go!!!

Now - I am going to keep looking at the picture and dreaming!!!

Hugs - Patti

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Barb!!! That is SO beautiful!!!! Hawaii has always been on my wish list of places to go. Seeing this picture moves it right up to number one on the list!!!! That water is so blue and beautiful!!!

Hope you had a terrific time!!!!! :lol::P

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Ned, that is the east end of Molokai! That impresses me that from the picture you could tell!

It was so amazing that we could see two other islands from the whale watching boat! Now that was FUN. Seeing those whales with babies and dolphins in the wild!!! This was my dream trip, I always wanted to visit Hawaii and now I have. What fabulous memories. What island do you live on?


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Barb, it's not always easy to tell which island is which from ground level, but I had a couple of clues. First, the trees were shaped and leaning from years of exposure to the prevailing northeast tradewinds (from over your right shoulder in this case), and the only place on Maui where you can be facing the ocean and have the tradewinds coming from that direction is somewhere on the west end. So the most likely choice was Molokai, though if you'd turned some to the left you could be looking at Lanai. But the clincher was the little satellite island (more like a big rock) just to the right of the island in question (look straight above the first zero in your date stamp). Molokai has one of those, Lanai doesn't.

But I have an unfair advantage. I flew for a commuter airline for several years after "graduating" from the Air Force and have passed those landmarks thousands of times:

http://lchelp.org/l_community/viewtopic ... 902#333902



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I hadn't noticed the little "rock" by Moloki! It would be fun to see a photo of all the islands, inhabited or not. I suppose there are many?

I enjoyed reading about your busy life at the site you listed, along with others I "know" here!

Aloha :D


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