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First round of chemo over

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Yesterday my husband had his first chemo treatment and so far so good, although I know the side effects often wait until day 2 to 5, or so I've been told. He slept through most of the time with the IV ( about 7 hours, slow drip at frist to make sure no reaction), I think he will have a port put in before the 28th, his next scheduled treatment. This morning we go and he gets an injection, I should remember the name but don't, will aid in production of healthy cells with side-effect of bone aches and flu like feeling for a few days. His bone mets are in his right shoulder (pain, under control now), right pelvic, upper right femur, front skull(no brain) and few small ones in left ribs. The lung has a "very" small spot located near center and obviously involved lymph system. He has no breathing or lung symptoms at this time although a life long smoker of non-filtered Camels! He also has not other health problems except elevated cholestrol so feel like we have that going for us besides no mets in any organs at this time. I am going to ask for radiology and pathology reports next week, just haven't really been ready to read them but now I think I am and know that he will have a new scan after two or three treatments so will be better prepared. I am feeling much less weepy and more positive, first two weeks I was a basket case, now I know thanks to this site that the quick end is not inevtiable and we can fight! Thanks for reading my ramblings!


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Glad his first chemo went OK. Make sure he stays hydrated and at the first sign of constipation, do something. The anti-nausea drugs can do that to you - my first chemo I let it go too long and was miserable.

Also - the Neulasta shot (thats probably what they gave him) can cause pretty bad joint pain. He should be prepared for that. Will go away in a couple of days and with me, never happened again after that first shot.

Hope he does OK and glad that YOU are doing better,too.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi, Deb, thanks for the update. Sounds like your husband's chemo experience has been pretty much "textbook" so far. The drowsiness throughout the infusion was due to the Benadryl premed. During my first infusion, as the chemo nurse was hanging the first IV bags, she said, "Okay, Ned, this one is Benadryl. You'll feel sleepy and slur your words." I sort of shrugged it off, then in a few minutes she asked me a question from across the room which required an audible answer, and everyone got a nice chuckle. After I finished the 6 taxol/carboplatin cycles and started receiving only Avastin, I requested (and the onc agreed) to stop giving the Benadryl, so my Avastin sessions over the next 8 months were quite speedy without any drowsies or other effects, and I usually forgot I'd had a treatment until I saw the band-aid over my port when I started my shower that evening.

I agree with Patti that the injection he's receiving today is probably Neulasta, to prevent the white blood cell count from getting too low. Some docs don't give it unless the count has already become low, but my onc (and apparently your husband's) gave it automatically the day after chemo, and all my blood counts stayed in the normal range throughout my treatment. The first couple of times I had noticeable bone aches from the injection, but very little effect in cycles 3 thru 6. The steroid premed from the previous day is wearing off about the time the Neulasta is given, so that adds to the fatigue you'll probably see tonight.

I also agree -- forcefully agree! -- with Patti's advice on constipation. Prevent it from even starting if you can, which in my humble-but-been-there opinion means overcompensating if that's what it takes. Better a little loose than all plugged up. Stool softener at night and prunes in the morning did the trick for me for the most part, with milk of magnesia needed only a couple of times.

It's time to head down the hill for my monthly port flush. Aloha,


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Thanks Patti & Ned, nice to hear that so far al is "normal", although as you predicted the tiredness did kick in tonight and a little "nausea" so gave him one of the pills we have for that, he is on EMEND also. He has been on pain pills for last month so have had to address the constipation issue already, have had it under control but will be very diligent since new drugs are a problem with that also. I am wondering if the aches from the Neulasta (that was the injection today) will be different than the aches he has from his bone mets... probably should have gotten the Claritin but haven't yet, can not believe the price on some of these Nausea drugs...he blew through the Gap on Medicare RX very quickly this month! I am hoping for a peaceful night and will check in if more questions or changes.

Thanks again


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