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Tuesday nite Chat


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tonites the nite! Its tuesday nite Chat Ckick chat button after 8 PM eastern time and see who is on the HOUSE!!!!!!!!

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"RandyW"]and see who is on the HOUSE!!!!!!!!

Well, maybe that's where I WAS last night, because I certainly wasn't IN the house. :wink: Sorry -- having significant "brain f*rts" lately -- I plead widow brain for my no-show forgetfulness. Darn-it anyway, I miss my chat buddies -- so "HI" everyone!

Then again, I could say I'm boycotting chat until JB stops this hockey nonsense on Tuesdays! :lol:

Sorry Randy. :oops:

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yes but soon we wil get a bigger :lol:chat House to hang out in on tuesday nites with all our friends!!! :D:D ANd I think JB has moved to Bruce territory :shock: cause me thinks it is a little bit warm in PA for Hockey on the ice!! :wink::o

Sides I have widower brain and no excuse for Me!!! :wink::wink: The apples are going bad Welthy!

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