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Headaches after radiation to the lung?


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Hi everyone - My mother completed her 25 radiation treatments on March 26 and thankfully DID NOT have ANY side effects during this time besides being a little tired some days.

She currently is now a one year survivor (plus one week) and has been having head aches since last week and is going to see one of her doctors today at Pluta Cancer Center at 1pm.

Are headaches common post radiation treatment to the lung? I would like to be able to give her some information on this before she goes to see her doctor as I told her it COULD be a side-effect from the radiation. Any help advice you can give me would be great.

As an FYI, Mom has been doing very well and has not had any severe side effects from radiation treatments - she did have some minor burning of the skin a couple of weeks in, but has not had any problems eating meals etc. She still take her flax-seed oil pills daily and maintains a somewhat healthy diet.

We are JUST SOOOO happy that she has surpassed the one year mark and are praying sooo hard to please let her not have a relapse so she can be with us for

many years to come.

Thanks and any advice/info on headaches after radiation to the lung would be truly appreciated

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Are headaches a side effect from lung radiation? From my understand and experience the answer is no!

Radiation bounces around when a person is radiated in the chest, and can cause chest issues but it doesn't bounce from the chest to the brain. (I'm no doctor, but I have had radiation and they told me it would bounce around in the chest are for a while and could for up to 6 months after my treatments were completed.

I've never heard of chest radiation causing headaches.

I'm glad to hear your mom has been doing well.

It's good they are checking her out. Best wishes.

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Thanks Connie for the reply. It may not be what I wanted to hear and hopefully it is stress related headaches...I just dont know and am getting sooo scared all over again, wondering if the cancer has returned to her brain? She did not have headaches the first time it was in the brain and after radiation last year she was NED in the head....oh please.....

With her being now a one plus year survivor and doing so well - I am just sooo afraid right now and pray her appt this afternoon is NOT bad news.

Oh please God take care of my mother......

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Thanks for all the hugs Connie - I sure can use them right now. I will let everyone know what the doctor says after we see him this afternoon at 1pm.

Mom is trying to stay positive...and so am I - but the fear is sometimes so overwhelming

will get back to everyone this afternoon and thanks for the prayers and kind thoughts

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Great news on hitting the one year milestone. I understand how the worrying never stops. I have never heard of headaches being associated with radiation. So hopefully it is just something "normal" and can be treated or will just go away. Take care


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Well, Mom just came back from doctors and they are sending her in for an MRI this afternoon at 2:45.

Also more possible bad news is that she had her mammogram Monday and they called today and want her to come in for a rescan and to talk to doctor on Friday. too much all in one day and now the waiting and stress will begin again waiting for results.

thanks everyone and will let you know how it goes

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