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hello im new here

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my mum was coughing up blood she went for ct scan it showed there ws a mass on her right hilar she had a broncoscopy and just waiting for those results she also has been told there is soomething showing on hwer liver please can you tell me what are her chances of this being serious im so scared and she is she is 60 years old[/b]

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iot could be serious but it may not tests will tell. Breathe in and Breathe out. Things can be treated and dealt with Shew is getting medical treatment and that is the important thing right now. Look in our good news forum for some uplifting experiences ofd folks here.. Let us know how things go as they happen and keep records of everything right now!

Prayers and positive thoughts!

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Just want to echo what others have said. The waiting is simply awful and this is a scary time for you and your mom. Once you know what you are dealing with (and I hope its not LC) and a treatment plan is in place, you really will feel much better. You will know that you are fighting whatever it is!!

Until then, hang in there. Keep us updated on your mom and should you feel the need to vent, please come here and we will listen to you. We have all been there!!

Hugs to you and your mom - Patti B

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