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Medical Marijuana


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Wasn't sure which forum to post this subject, so moderators move if you need to. At Alan's appointment today his dr. strongly

recommended Alan try smoking marijuana to increase his appetite. Alan is down to 129 pounds and eating

is a constant battle. The other medications Alan could take

have high risks of blood clots and Alan is sediatry all day, and alreday

taking procrit which casues blood clots, and for the

procrit Dr. Mahmood is willing to take the risk.

So has any one on the board tried this? We would both appreciat the feeb back and finally I can get

so weight on that man of mind. :roll:

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Right after I was diagnosed, my son came home from school and had been talking to a girl whose mom has lung cancer. Apparently, she is smoking it. So Nick was way too excited by the prospects :cry: and asked me if I was going to get some.

My cousin is a chemo nurse at the Clinic where I get my chemo and I was teasing her that Nick wants some pot in the house and she told me that at the clinic, the docs can prescribe it in a pill form (?) Never heard of that before, but maybe something you can check out.

Good luck!!! Patti B

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Ok, I've talked extensively on this subject with my CAM doctors and they all agree that the THC in marijuana not only helps appetite, but also has anti-cancer activity.

However, for lung cancer patients, it's a bit of a Catch 22. The heat/smoke going into the lungs is not good. 2/3 of my doctors told me to smoke only high grade and through a vaporizer that can be bought at head shops or online.

The third dr. told me that's not good enough. The lungs will still receive some heat. She told me best to brew it in a Chai Tea for the medicinal benefits and drink it and to google "Chai Tea" + medicinal marijuana and get recipes on the proper and healthier way to make it.

I hope this helps.

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What about consuming it like in brownies or other edibles.

To me it seems alot "safer" than the narcotics that are so readily prescribed.

My Mom used Megace but I did ask about Marinol. Her doc said they don't use the Marinol since Megace came out. Her appetite did improve on the Megace although she said it tasted awful.

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The problem in consuming it in brownies is there is quite a process in doing this and you have to have an appitite to eat them.

Most people just don't have the appitite. There is a certain pipe you can purchase that takes out all the smoke and just leaves the THC. I know you can buy it online and it cost about $300.00

If your husband is that bad and he can legally purchse it in Ca. then I would say go for it. Anything that could help his appitite would he beneficial. Not to say it certainly would make him feel better.

Someone mentioned a pill... see if that is available.

Maryanne :wink:

Your call...


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I use it. I have a State license and a dr's recommendation. I started using it for Scleroderma and RA, then when the lung cancer hit I did my research and it helps appetite, so that stops body wasting, in fact he'll put weight on at a quick pace. I vaporize mine. I got my vaporizer at www.vaporbrothers.com It cost around 165 with tax. I would have loved the Volcano but it was almost 600 and now I understand they can no longer ship to America. If you use MMJ make sure you get the medical grade. It has no carcinogens, it is grown organically and the strains are unbelievably pure. Street pot could very well be poison, so MMJ is the way to go. Get a prescription, in colorado it is called a recommendation and do a search in your area for meet ups. Find support and a caregiver. Email me if you need help with this. Patients helping patients is the only way we will be able to legalize this medicine. Good luck girlfriend.


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Not to make light of a serious subject but this is for Patti B. Looks like we have something else in common. My son (age 42) told me when I was diagnosed that if they gave me any pot to be sure to let him know!

Judy in Key West

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