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Bill Is Going for a Brain MRI This Morning


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This MRI is to assess the situation with the original small tumor in mid brain for which WBR was completed last June, and to look for anything new.

Yes, we have a little bit of stress. I guess that part never changes. We are going over there with hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Won't know results until next week. The doctors (oncologist and radiologist) and we will be getting a copy.

We always ask for one so that we can compare notes - VERY important to ask for a copy of the report.


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Wishing the best results for Bill's MRI. I know the waiting is terrible - actually, it just sucks!!!

Good for you that you get all the results!!! You need to keep those records!!

Prayer being said for a GREAT MRI - keep us posted!!

Hugs - Patti B

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Thank you so much Jamie,

When we arrived there this morning, we realized that we had forgotten the Script for the MRI.

Normally, I would get butterflies at the prospect of having to tell them that. Somehow, it didn't matter.

They accepted that we simply forgot it, and just verified the insurance cards.

I am so glad it's over. Now, a bit more waiting...

Love and good thoughts,


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Thank you for the good wishes. They are being felt, and definitely appreciated.

Yes, the waiting seems to never become a casual event. It is always pretty much the same, except now I have more tools to work with than many months ago.

Getting those results in my hands also helps me to read to be able to question, and they are there for our records (as you have said).

I will let you know after we see the oncologist on Monday.

All good wishes and thoughts,


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Thank you, Sue, for the prayers. They will do much good in keeping me at peace.

You are very kind.

We'll get back to all of you when I know more. We have to "get through" this weekend. There are some chores we need to accomplish, so not too much time for over thinking things.

Warm thoughts to you, Sue,


"shineladysue"]More prayers being said for Bill and for you. Hang in there.



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