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Lung Cancer DX on the Rise?


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Is it my imagination or is this the case? I know I'm certainly more aware of it now because of my mom, but everywhere I turn ... an acquaintance of mine came to the funeral home to see my mom in November ... just that day her father had been diagnosed with SCLC, he was gone right after the New Year.

A friend from high school's mom (same age as mine), suddenly passed out one day a month ago at a senior citizens dinner ... no other symptoms. It was from brain mets from lung cancer ... already spread to liver and various other places. She passed away last night.

Unfortunately, I could cite several more examples ... does anyone (Katie or Randy or anyone) have any actual statistics on where it is actually on the rise?

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The %'s have always been high on lung cancer. I don't know that they have climbed much higher at this time. Lung Cancer has been the number one cancer killer for years.

Check with the NCI or AMC for Stats. LCA might even have it posted on there board. LUNGevity has this imformation posted somewhere here. Click onto LUNGevity at the left side of the page.

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