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Where are you? Ry misses you as do I right now! Did you fall off the edge up there? :? You are close enough to the edge of the Earth up there In Yellowknife! :shock: Drop us a note and let us know that you are ok. Ry will wave all chat fines for you upon check in. :) And I was oh so lonely in chat tuesday without Ya Buddy!!!! :(

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Bruce Posted to the Board On April 4 the following:

Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 7:52 pm Post subject: CT Scan results

I met with the oncologist this afternoon for my 3 month check up. He reviewed the CT Scan I had on Tuesday and he felt that everything was fine. There were no spots on the lungs or liver. He did notice some scar tissue from the operation and wants a radiologist to do a comparison with a previous CT Scan to confirm. This will take another week for the final results.

That's only 8 days ago. He might be busy Celebrating!! :wink: I know I have seen him on the board lurking about 4 or 5 days ago.

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Hey everyone !!!

I am safe and sound. I went to the farm and just got back tonight. Sorry everyone was so concerned. I thought I had told Ry that I was going out of town. I'll be there Tuesday night Randy and ready to take on the girls again Patti....

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Well, if Bruce is going to be there, Welthy had better be in the house! LOL (That's if I remember and people are still there at 9:00 cdt.)

Good to hear from you Bruce -- I'm not sure that Ry shouldn't fine you though. We may make you mop up the back bar on Tuesday.


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