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Blood Pressure Finally Down


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I was hanging out in Port St Lucie with my daughter and grandson waiting to go back up to MDACC for an appointment with a cancer doctor who is up on the Avastin-blood pressure issue. After a three hour drive, they took my pressure: 120 over sixty and a heart rate of 78. I haven't seen numbers like that in a very long time (even before Avastin!). The doc was great, said my PCP had done it perfectly and she wouldn't change anything--it just took a long time for it to come down.

I was supposed to make the 5-hr drive back to Key West on Thursday but made a last minute change Thur am. My new flexibility when it comes to a schedule amazes my family. I'll drive back Sunday after three extra days of "Nonie" time.

Judy in Key West

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Well, good for you, girlfriend!! It sure took a lot of time getting that BP thing under control, but apparently well worth the wait. I had the same problem with Avastin and will now be living headaches free forever!!!

Enjoy your Nonie time!!! You earned it!!

Patti B

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