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KatieB- pics

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Thanks guys. My little Kennedy is 4 now (that sweet ride was her b-day present back in January)

You guys were with us from the beginning, when my son was just 4 1/2 (He's 10 1/2 now!!) and then a year later when we adopted Kennedy. I can't believe where the time goes. In grief it feels like time stands still, then I blink and my children are growing up so quickly!! Thanks for letting me share! Now it's YOUR turn!!





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So gorgeous, Katie. Kennedy's eyes just sparkle. And Hunter looks such a responsible big brother! And what a lucky girl to have a Cadillac at her age! I love, love, love it!

This is what keeps us all going.

Thanks for brightening my day.

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The children have grown so fast,

Hunter looks so serious for his age,

a very good looking boy

Kennedy has sparkling eyes and smile

no wonder driving around in a cadillac

at her age.

Thank you for sharing.


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