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Joel's results


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His primary and his Oncologist called it stable. And of course that is well and good. But the bugger also grew from 4mm to 5mm Even though they are not concern as it is still so tiny there still is this growth.

So as the results are promising its still scarey in the back of our minds that there still was a slight growth. I know so many of you can relate.

So 3 months next CT. If there is a growth, they will do a PET.

But right now if they want to call it Stable, we will take it.


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Stable is very good. And remember what my onc tells me: the size of the nodule depend on how they slice the scan!! He always refers to a loaf of raisin bread. sometimes you slice the raisin, sometimes you don't. Sometimes you slice the fat part, sometimes the thinner part.

Calm calm calm


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My thinking on this: It may be all in the way you slice it. Size may be the way the picture was taken.

As for "stable," that has been on our plate, and I know the "back-of-the-mind" thoughts. They can be very energy exhausting and for naught.

Keep positive. I'm sending every good vibe your way that I can muster,


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Mine goes up and down from 4mm to 5mm to 6mm down to 4mm up to 7mm back down to 5mm, and mine has been doing that for 5 years now. :roll: It could just be the difference in the picture of the CT scan also. That really is small in size. :wink:

Congratulations is in ORDER! HOORAY Joel is STILL STABLE!!!!! PARTY TIME!!!!!

Are we heading over to the PUB?? :wink:

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Although we would all love to here the tumors have

shrunk, or have been resolved, Stable is still very

good news. I also think the small growth is slicing.

Alan has a couple of scans where there has been slight

growth, and the report itself even states it is probably due to slicing

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