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Oh Boy, Here I go Again!!!

Patti B

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Scan Monday, Results Tuesday!!!! I cannot believe that 9 weeks have gone by and I have to go thru this worry again!! I am scared and thinking the worse, as I always do.

I have been much more SOB, which I realize could be the Alimta, but I worry it could be progression. I still have those pains in my lung area, the last two scans showed they were nothing but maybe muscular, but the pains have gotten worse, so of course I worry that it is progression.

As always, can't tell my family. Hubbie will be on the road all week and I just can't do that to him while he is far away. Only my one girlfriend who brings me to chemo knows - and all of you, of course.

So... if anyone can spare a prayer or two, I would appreciate it!! I am getting very anxious and nervous as the time approaches, and at the same time, just want it to be done and over.....does that make any sense??

Thanks, everyone - just needed to tell someone!! What would I do without you guys??

Hugs - Patti B

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Ohhh ((((Patti)))),

Hate to think of you going through this alone. Of course you have my prayers. As for the shortness of breath, I've written a few too many posts about Alimta and that ... Alimta is notorious for causing sob and also caused pneumonitis for Mike. Just keep all that in mind. It shows on CT scans as a ground glass opacity. I say all that because it is just a possiblility and can be treated.

Tons of prayers going up with your name on them.



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So Patti what are you saying "Everyone step into the Roller-Coaster Ride Sit Down Put Your Seatbelts On and Hold On Tight?" :roll::wink: I'll climb on with you my friend, no problem. You know you got ALL MY PRAYERS and SOME!

The roller-coaster ride of TEST TIMES!!! :roll:


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Hey Patti. You know my thoughts and prayers are always with you. I think we need to come up with a new name for this "ride" don't you think? Roller coasters are actually fun and this "ride" just simply is not. Please put on your lovely smile and "game" face for Monday and Tuesday (at least you get your results really fast...wow!!). Enjoy your Sunday!


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