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60 Minutes - Some New Treatment - READ QUICK!!!!!!


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They are 4 years from human trials. The idea is to inject nanoparticles into the bloodstream that target cancer cells and then use radiowaves to heat up the nanoparticles (they have some metal/gold in them) to fry the cancer cells. Sounds very promising.

The concept of using radiowaves to heat up metal to destroy the cancer was invented by a guy (Kanzius) that has leukemia and has been battling it for 4 years.

MD Anderson and the Univ. of Pittsburgh are involved in doing research in animals currently.

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I saw this segment as well....whats so promising about this is that it is a radically new approach to attacking cancer that has the hope of developing into a complete cure for this disease. IMO that's what its going to take to WIN. We cant keep doing what we have been doing all these years (Chemo, Surgery, Radiation) and expect different results. This is a new novel approach that makes great sense.

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