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Nektar increased Lung Cancer with Inhaled Insulin!


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Nektar halts talks over inhaled insulin, says new lung cancer foundSilicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal

Nektar Therapeutics Inc. said Wednesday it ceased all negotiations with potential partners for its inhaled insulin programs as a result of new data analysis from ongoing clinical trials conducted by Pfizer Inc.

San Carlos-based Nektar (NASDAQ:NKTR) said an increase in the number of new cases of lung cancer was observed in inhaled insulin patients as compared to the control group.

All new incidences of lung cancer were in patients that are former smokers.

"The concern over this new data analysis from ongoing clinical trials has resulted in the termination of all negotiations with potential partners," said Howard W. Robin, president and CEO of Nektar. "Fortunately, over the past year Nektar has significantly transformed its business, moving away from inhaled insulin. We have made great progress expanding our research efforts and have built a deep pipeline of novel partnered and proprietary drugs in various stages of development."

Nektar will cease all spending associated with its inhaled insulin programs and will not incur any additional charges related to this event.

The Exubera label was updated by Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) to contain a warning that in clinical trials of Exubera, "there have been six newly diagnosed cases of primary lung malignancies among Exubera-treated patients, and one newly diagnosed case among comparator treated patients. There has also been one post-marketing report of a primary lung malignancy in an Exubera-treated patient."

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