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Update: Talk me through this...

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I just wanted to update. I feel like an *ss. I called my BIL this morning and told him what I observed, about my sister slurring her words. He said that yes, he had noticed that also, and it was a bit before the diagnosis. Damn. I think I upset him. He said something like "you're the only one who noticed" and "you and I know what it probably means"....now I feel worse! I shouldn't have said anything! I only wanted him to maybe mention it to the dr. in case it was a medication problem or something. Now I'm really depressed.

I'm sorry I haven't done a profile yet. My sister was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer (inoperable, mostly fluid) a week ago and is going to have a second opinion tommorrow at Dana Farber in Boston. Hopefully she will start treatments soon.

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Don't feel bad about what you said....really. It sounds like your bil was already aware and is just concerned. As time goes on you'll know what you feel comfortable saying and what needs to be held back. After my sister was first diagnosed we were somehow talking about my dad not taking care of himself and she said, "He's probably going to die before me." I replied.. "Nooo...." All the blood left my head when I realized what I had said, I almost passed out - and I had to majorly backtrack - what I had meant was that no one was going to die soon.. It's so easy to stick your foot in your mouth but I don't think you did in this situation. It's ok.... and maybe it is just from any medications she''s taking.


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It's your sister of course you are concerned and would want the person closest to her to know that there seems to be a problem. Apparetly, he knew this and let you know it. So now at least you both have each other to lean on.

You did nothing wrong, she is your sister and you had to make sure that it was not just you who is hearing that she has a problem.

I will be thinking of you and her. Please let us know what they tell you.

Hang strong, and know tht we are always here for you.


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Hi Gracie. No need to feel bad at all. This is a very stressful time for all. My case sounds very similar to your sisters. Others here as well are doing very well. So read some of our stories and hopefully you will start to feel better. Take care


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