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New Study: May Stop Tumors from Spreading


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What if we could find the off switch in cancer cells and a way to halt these rapidly dividing cells from the inside. Well researchers may have done just that KTEN's Whitney Allen has the story.

Researchers in the lab at The OU Cancer Institute may be closing in on a powerful new cancer treatment. Dr. Courtney Houchen and his associates have found a way to turn off a protein in cancer cells, which in return will keep tumors from growing. The protein is called musahshi and until now scientist believed it was only located in adult stem cells in the intestinal tract. Researchers decided to test a hunch and found the protein inside the stem cells cancerous tumors too.

Dr. Courtney Houchen says, "Our next step was to determine whether blocking this protein would cause a reduction in tumors."

Houchen and colleagues found it did just that, halting the tumor's growth. Perhaps just as importantly the research provides a target for adults stem cells inside cancerous tumors. Cells that seem to elude the cancer killing power of current treatments and may be responsible for cancer coming back.

Dr. Houchen goes on to say, "I've used the analogy killing cancer is like cutting your hair. If you don't get the root the hair will just grow back."

The research team believes their findings point to a new way to target those stem cell in cancer.

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(World Now and KTEN, News, By Whitney Allen, KTEN, April 11, 2008)


The information contained in these articles may or may not be in agreement with my own opinions. They are not posted as medical advice of any kind.

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