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Clinical Trial with XL647


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I am new to this site. After being diagnosed with stage IV NSCLC in March of 08, I participated in a clinical trial with Tarceva. This drug worked miracles on the cancer throughout my body. But in January of 08, a tumor in my right lung started to increase.

I was taken off the Tarceva and enrolled in another clinical trial with xl-647. I am looking for anyone else who has been on this drug. I have scans on Wednesday- April 16th to see if this drug has had any affect on the tumor.


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You may want to drop a pm to a member named Nic. His mom was on that trial. Nic has not posted in some time though and I do not know his Moms situation! However, THANK YOU for being a pioneer in Lung cancer research, and not being a guineau Pig as some may think because of this situation of being in a trial. I can also say that I have heard lots of good things about this drug,xl647 so I hope that helps..

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Thank you for your reply. I do not know what a "pm" is...I'm new at this.

I tried to find a link to Nic but I did not have any luck. Any suggestions?

I was surprised to learn that researchers have a hard time getting stage IV lung cancer patients involved with clinical trials. I feel I don't have much to lose and a lot to gain as well as help others.

Thanks for any help. This is the third website I have been on looking for a connection to someone who has first hand knowledge of this drug. Your reply is the first response I have had, so many thanks.


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so sorry pm is the little button at bottom of thread stands for Personal Mail. Click on it and you will open a new window to send a Personal message to Nic and then title of message and the message itself. I wish i knew of anyone else on that trial. But when I search the boards nothing comes up. IF you would like to see all our info on this trial, go to top of page and click on search tab. Then in subject line type in the name of the trial and hit enter.

I am moderator for new trials Forum and I can tell you that all teh info i have seen about results has been promising though. WIsh I could help with side effect info but have no experience with that trial.

If you wish to see trials being done now clck on this link to go to the site ...


This will show any trials you are interested in. Stick around We are a very compassionate group here and smart also!

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Hi Tkane-

Welcome to the board - but sorry you had the need to find us. This is truly a great forum with lots of supportive members and great information and hope here.

I have no personal knowledge of the trial you are talking about but did want to welcome you. I hope you can continue to post, let us get to know you, and you to know us!!

Wishing you great scans on the 16th!!

Good luck!! Hugs to you - Patti B.

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