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Round 4/Update


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Well so far tonight Round 4 seems to have been okay. We got home and Tom decided to have a big bowl of Rocky Road ice cream with chocolate sauce for dinner. At least he ate something.

His arms are bruised this time out at the IV site. The nurse had trouble finding a good vein.

Tomorrow he will go for Neulasta, 4/28 we will go for next CT and 5/5 we will go and discuss what is next.

We will see what the next couple of days brings.


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This morning he felt a little dizzy when he sat up in bed so I told him to move slowly. I told him to make sure they check his BP when he goes in for the shot this morning. We went out to breakfast this morning and he had a big bowl of oatmeal with raisins. I wanted to make sure he started his day out right. Most days he will skip eating in the morning and just have coffee. NOT GOOD!!

The Neulasta always seems to kick his butt. It doesn't usually hit him until the second day. He has such pain and weakness but he keeps pushing through and makes sure that he moves around. He is not one that can just sit for long periods no matter how he feels.

He is unbelieveable. His oldest daughter Debbie is coming up from Texas next weekend and I think it will boost his spirits even more to see her.


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I wasn't with him during the last chemo when the Onc came in and according to Tom told him that this was his last chemo so I don't know about the possibility of a port. However I don't understand why they would stop after only 4 rounds. I think Tom may be confused. We go for another CT on the 28th and go to discuss results and further treatment on 5/5. I will no more then.

Today Tom is not doing so well. He says his legs feel like bricks and having a hard time walking, he is in a lot of pain. He refuses to take the vicodin the Onc gave him because he thinks that is what caused the vomiting couple weeks ago and doesn't want that to happen again.

He still went to work today though. Gotta love that man.

And I got him to eat dinner. A whole bowl of Italian Stir Fry with sausage. That made me very happy.

He is back up again. Can't get comfortable. Took Advil. We will see if that helps.


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