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My Friends Husband


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Okay this has nothing to do with lung cancer but I just learned that my friends 75 yr old husband just suffered a heart attack this morning and will be going for a by-pass shortly as they found a lot of blockage.

Please any spare prayers that you have can you send them Gene and Barb's way that he get through this surgery alive would be greatly appreciated. Mama Barb is not doing so well with this.

Thanks, Denise

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I just got back from the hospital a bit ago and Gene aka Pops is doing well. He will go in at 7 a.m. tomorrow for a quad possible quintuple bypass. It turns out he had been having trouble for about 4 days and he was going to go to his regular doctor until it came to a head this morning. Can you imagine that he thought it was a gas bubble. Although he is hooked up to a lot of lines he was able to talk just like normal.

Thanks for all the prayers.


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