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Terrible News


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Well, I really never thought I would have to post this but .... I do. And to think, we never even got to post in the good news section.

My mom had a CT scan today revealing that the cancer has spread into her other lung and into her rib - bone area. Needless to say, it is a major shock -- they were just checking for possible pnemonia, not expecting to find major spreading.

By posting this, I am hoping to hear some stories of encouragement -- my whole family is very shocked and extremely upset. Please help.


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We all brace ourselves for bad news, but are never ready for it. I am sorry the scan results were not what we would all hope for. I know that we all wrestle with more than we ever thought possible and I can only pray for strength for your mom, you and all your family to tackle the next step. Support each other and do what your hearts tell you and fight with all you can. You know we are all here for you...always.

Peace and blessings,


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I can imagine how you are all feeling right now, and I am sorry about this latest setback. Please do not lose hope. Several of the folks on this board have had bone mets, and spread to the opposite lung, which have been treated and they are still with us.

I try not to look at being "cured". I try to live with lung cancer as a long term chronic disease, with exacerbations and remissions. Just my way of dealing with the beast on a daily basis.

And I am ashamed that I was whining earlier about 2 more rounds of chemo. I am sorry.

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Dear Kristy:

Please stay strong and believe in the best. God is not finished with us yet.

I am still waiting for the results of my bioposy. so don't really know that much about my self, but was told that I had a mass on my left lung and in my liver. It has now been a month since I was told this and I started on an alternative medicine trying to get my body as healthy as possible while I am waiting. I also plan to stay on this because it cleans the body and makes it stronger.

There is an interesting report about cancer that you might want to look at. I have posted it one other place but wanted you to at least look at this.


I have brought my PH balance from acid to healthy in a short period of time by using a calcium supplement and breathing excerises.

The URl for the alternative medicine that I am taking is:

http://www.800herbdoc.com/store/Scripts ... tField=sku


Dr. Schulze's Famous 4-Week Program is for ANYONE Who Has been Told it is "Too Late". Thousands Just Like You Have Proved Their Doctors Wrong. Tomorrow is What You Believe and Do Today!

I was sent this by a friend who told me about another friend who was told he only had two weeks to live. That was six years ago and he is still here.

Hope this is is some interest to you and others.

Love and Prayers


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Hi Kristy,

So sorry for your mom. Tell mom to hang in there and keep fighting. There are a lot of options to try. She can do it. You stay strong too. Take care and God bless.


My 2-cents in battling cancer: Stay positive and focused. Never give up, never give in. Take one-step and one day at a time. Enjoy life to it’s fullest. Lots of laughing and yes even crying. It rejuvenates the body.

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