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Getting to Know You - April 16


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ha ha! - you just got me up off my bum and into the fresh air to count! Thank you! After this reply I think I will go outside for the rest of the afternoon!

Anyway -I have 8 trees. 1 cedar, 1 peach, 1 pink dogwood, 1 "kitty" willow (real name got blocked!), 1 cherry, and 3 maple. The cherry, peach and dogwood will all be blooming soon - they are so beautiful!

Happy spring!


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We have 1 ash tree, 1 maple tree, and 1 forsythia (oh, no thats a bush) on our close property. We have a small woods behind our house that goes to our huge creek. All kinds of tress there including tons of those dreaded cottonwood trees!!! Once they start shedding, my lawn will look like there has been a snowstorm. Upset my sons allergies terribly. We can't open our pool until its done because the cottowood crap plugs up the pool pump!!

Hugs - Patti B

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Wow...never realized I had 10 trees until I asked this question. I thought of the question yesterday, while pulling weeds outside.

I have 7 palms, 2 oak trees and 1 orange tree.

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Where to start counting.........1/3 of our side yard (we have 11/2 acres) is wet lands so the conservation people almost count the leaves as they fall in the autumn :shock::lol: Wouldn't want us to desicrate this particular bog!

The back and part of the other side of the lot also are treed. We have a circular drive out front which has a bunch of trees in the middle also. I have no idea what most of these trees are, there were a lot of very spectacular red maples last fall and some are pines and cedar..............now I'm stumped.

Thank goodness Richard has a shredder for branches and leaves........we don't have to buy any mulch this year!

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Well it's not really my "yard" but in front of our

condo are 5 very tall and majestic looking pine trees

We currenty have hawks nesting at the top (proof in

the form of the "bunny fur" left behind at the base

of the trees).

My back yard is asphalt, so no trees there. :?

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I have three trees technically "in my yard" but a bunch around them...They are all the same trees...One's that have leaves in the summer that come off in the fall. Sorry, but I'm not an arborist, or a horticulturalist, or anyone who knows anything about trees.

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