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Costochondritis, SOB & radiation


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Has anyone had any experience with costochondritis?

My mom had a bone scan with results last week. Her chemo oncologist thought she might have bone mets in her ribs at the sternum because it showed inflamation. He sent us to her radiation oncologist. He thinks it is probably Costochondritis. It causes pain and tenderness where your ribs attach to your breastbone. The pain is sharp, though it can also feel like a dull, gnawing pain. It can radiate further out in the chest too. He said to take Aleve every 12 hours. And it's helping! We are hoping he is right and there are no new bone mets.

He also put her on a month's worth of Prednisone for the SOB and haziness on the CT. He thinks it's radiation pneumonitis. Though it's been about 6 months since her radiation, her pulmonogist says even 8 months out it is not unheard of. So between the 3 of them they decided to wait a couple weeks to see how this goes before more chemo or a bronchoscopy. So WOOHOO for now!



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I have costochondritis as a side effect of Fibromyalgia. It is very alarming, to say the least! Mine begins at the 3rd rib, and has been radiating out towards my right shoulder. I guess it's more common to radiate towards the left.

Typically the pain is supposed to last a couple of weeks to six months, but mine waxes and wanes; it started last April and was steady until the beginning of the year. Then it went away, and has been back for awhile. Some days I can't even raise my arm over my head. I am on many other pain meds (Ultram, Lyrica, Voltaren, Cymbalta) but I can only say that when the pain is at its worst, no meds touch it.

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