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Cindy Rn-Computer problems resolved

Cindy RN

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I don't know that we've met yet, but I just read your history!!!! I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Just that little bit of story has made my day! What a SURVIVOR you are!!

My Mom was told, after a CT scan that it was 99% likely that she has lung cancer. It's been really tough so far, and we don't even have a proper staged and typed diagnosis yet! However, she just had a bone scan come back negative, and the results of her biopsy came back negative also!

So now we're in this strange limbo, where we're back to not knowing if it's even cancer at this point....craziness...an absolute rollercoaster!

Just seeing your history gives me more hope, so I'm VERY glad that you are back, and I hope to get to know you better :)



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