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SJ/Philly- I need your help please


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I need volunteers and a dedicated event coordinator.

You guys in Philly and nearby areas are close to this event, many of you are familiar with the SJ Walk.

They've done exceptionally well for a few years now and this event is already mapped out...we just need a coordinator to initiate and line the ducks in a row.

PLEASE contact me if you have any desire to help, however big or small.

This event idea was born right here 4 years ago by Heather Saler and have raised A LOT of money for lung cancer research, they need YOUR help now.

I'm taking on an event this year myself and all of us at LUNGevity will walk you thru it step by step. You can do this.

We really need a coordinator- and quickly!

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I still have not receieved a single reply or private message from anyone willing to help with this event.

I surely thought that at least one of our many members in this area would want to be a part of this great event.

If there is anyone interested in helping in anyway, please contact me.

We need an event coordinator to pull everything together. LUNGevity Foundation will walk you thru all the steps. Heather Saler CAN NOT do this any longer due to her health.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Thanks for checking in Gail! I know you are busy that time of year.

I know there are A LOT of folks in this area, so I am hoping SOMEONE will volunteer to coordinate this honored event. *Remember, this event is already mapped out with three successful years under their belt. LUNGevity will walk you thru this step by step.

So far you are the only one to have replied.


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I attended that walk 2 times. The majority of people that attended were friends of Heather and Brad. If someone steps up and volunteers, they would almost be starting from scratch to attract walkers.

The location is nowhere near where I live, and I am sorry, but while I try and support lung cancer research functions, my life is moving on.

I hope there will be a walk in this part of the country, maybe you should pm others who live in this area.

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Thanks for the replies and yes, we have been asking others who attended and volunteered at last years walk for someone to coordinate the walk as well and we are still waiting....

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Sorry Katie, been off and on here and have not seen your plea.

Of course I will help. Cannot coordinate as you know my job is changing and I have no choice but to get though that. But I can help... Who can I contact?

I will Pm you, I have a question.


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