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Another Hospital Visit


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Alan was admitted again yesterday for another blood transfusion :(

I felt so bad for him, he gets do discouraged that his hemoglobin just will not stablize.

This is his 5th transfusion since the end of Jan, and

dispite not having any chemo now for 7 weeks along with Procrit injections,

every 3 weeks like clock work he needs a transfusion.

Still trying to convice him that he will not become a

"pot head" if he smokes a little medical marijuane (I

have it just in case he wants to give it a try), but

that has been a slow process and I am not going to push too hard (yet).

So if you could send some postive thoughts our way that we can get

this blood issue under control I would appreciate it.

Continued prayer for all of us.

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You guys are troopers. Tell Alan, there are other things worse than being a pothead. :D He may even find it a little fun.

I hope he gets his blood counts stabilized, he's had enough pokes I'm sure. Good luck to you guys, you're my heroes.

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Hi-I haven't been posting much since my Mom has been back in for the other chemoembolzation-kids with school etc... but I wanted you to know that my Mom also has had a few transfusions in the past couple months for her platelets. At one point last month they thought it might be in her marrow so they did a bone marrow biopsy and it wasn't-thank god!

I think with all the chemo and treatments they get it just screws up the blood to be honest. Tell Alan to hang in there-he is a true inspiration and has been from the beginning for us and many others.

My Mom hasn't had the weight issue but believe me my brothers were trying to convince her about the pot and she refused also....she said she never smoked it once in her life and she wasn't about to now...

Anyhow thinking about you guy's

Take Care


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