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scared.. my hubby just found out

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I guess this is the message board I should cry on.. My husband of 35 years (he is 56) just found out he has lung cancer last week... he broke his rib 3 weeks ago and the chest x-ray show "something" on his right lung...he got a CT scan done was told yep there is a 1 inch mass. he goes in for his biopsy this Wed... I'm so scared and so is he. we both are depressed..our world just crashed. I pray he will do well and survive long... His Mom was a 12 year survivor.

He wants to "try" and keep working through all his treatments so we can keep his insurance and not lose everything but I don't know about that. he has a hard job.

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I'm so sorry you have a reason to be here. There are alot of survivors here who have had successful treatments and some who have been able to keep their jobs too. I hope your husband is one of them.

We are here to help you. If you have questions or just need shoulders to lean on, we are here.

Read the survivor stories and get to know these folks, they're the best.

Again, I'm sorry you find yourself here, but welcome. These are warm and wonderful people. We are here for you.

Please keep posting and keep us updated on your husbands progress.

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