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Update since my husband completed Chemo & Radiation


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I have included in the profile an update as of today. It begins at Red Print. He had a very difficult time. I just went back and read some of my posts when I first came here. He did cover a lot of unexpected ground the last couple months.

Looking back and all that we have learned, we think it was probably the fact that he was getting the Radiation 5 days every week and then chemo once week (at least half the treatment) and toward the end on a Mon, Tues and Wed.

Joe felt it was the radiation that was really causing the problems. He also felt maybe alone without the Chemo too, might not have had such problems. We have since been told that they were treating him aggressively. I don't think we could have asked for anything better in the outcome. Now we will have another new journey with the surgery.

Since I did start reaching out on this forum, and many of you did help, I felt I should update. There are probably just a few that remember. I do want to thank those of you that did reply and help. I am thankful my husband did not give up as I know he came close more than once. I am sure many of you may get to feeling that way but try to hang in there. You never know.

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there are always ups and downs with this disease Thank you for sharing these with us. Sayin Prayers for a VERY SUCCESSFULL SURGERY!

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Hi, Mary.

This is excellent news.

I, too, am Stage IIIB, squamous cell, and so I know that it is extremely rare for concurrent radiation-chemotherapy treatment to go well enpough that surgery is even considered a possibility.

I understand your reason for being cautiously optimmistic, but in the meantime, am doing the Happy Dance for you both!


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I am so happy for you and your husband. Its been a long, difficult journey for you both and still more to come. Hoping his surgery is successful and goes as easy as can be expected.

Hang in there, girlfriend!!! Stay positive and NEVER give up!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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I wasn't sure if I should put this here or start new. The date of my husband's Lung surgery will be Friday, May 16th. The plan is to remove tumor and probably the right lower lobe and maybe part of middle lobe, and possibly lymph nodes.. Will determine when can see it. It will be by incision and not VATS.

If all goes well, will be 7 to 10 days in the hospital, possibly 5 to 6. Two to three months recovery. First six weeks not lift anything over 10 lbs. May be on oxygen for while and maybe not. Surgeon was not too concerned as his FEV1 (lung function) was 81% before inhaler and 87% after. He can drive when done with OTC pain meds.

He is feeling better each day after such a difficult and sick time during his chemo and radiation. Not looking forward to surgery. If all goes well, and I feel it is going to, then this is the best outcome he could have for his diagnosis.

If anyone has anything to share that might be good to know, please do so. I think what really makes it so so scary in the beginning, is the not knowing or understanding anything. It just raises the anxiety level too much. Then in getting ready for chemo/radiation treatments, so much is thrown at you at once.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers and encouraging words.

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Thanks Carole for the post. It helps to read these as we find ourselves sometimes even doubting what we do know is the best thing.

I can just feel the anxiety some that my husband has. It has to be tough. I think the waiting is harder as we get closer to the date. Thanks again,

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