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Like I've seen people say on this site--take a deep breath. I would also suggest you take a look at the signature (the words in blue letters) of the gentleman who just posted you about getting a second opinion. That is a list of all the "stuff" he went through fighting cancer and he's still here. People on this site will tell you, the doctors don't know when anyone is going to die so don't listen to them.

Wishing you a calmer place to stand beside your Mom in this difficult time.

Judy in Key West

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A second opinion is definitely in order!! Don't listen to the statistics which is what your doc is quoting. I was only supposed to be here a year, and year and a half if all the planets were in a certain order - and here I am at 19 months and just got a good cat scan!!!

I know this is tough but we all must be proactive and be our own best advocates. Most docs don't care if you get a second opinion, mine encouraged it. There are MANY docs out there who believe in being very aggressive with treatments - and they won't quote statistics, either.

Good luck - keep us posted. Your mom is blessed to have you by her side.

Hugs - Patti B.

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