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Bone Scan & CT

Nancy B

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I have had 12 chemo sessions (Taxol) and tomorrow will have a bone scan and a CT (lung, abdomen & pelvic) on Wedn.

The sclc has spread to my pelvic area and I am having pain in my lower back and my right knee wants to give out sometimes. The pain could be from the Zometa. Since insurance won't pay for a PET (they will pay to stage sclc but not to restage it????) My doc is going to see how the scans come out and if need be my husband and I will pay for the PET ourselves. I feel we need a target to aim for in treating this.

Would appreciate any and all prayers.


Nancy B

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Prayers coming your way. Insurance refused to pay for

Alan's last PET scan, but his drs called my insurance

company and explained why Alan needed it, maybe your

Dr. could at least try. I think the insurance companies do whatever they can to

avoid paying for tests until someone pushes a

little harder.

Please keep us posted on your resuls.

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