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Coughing has started again...

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Just a question about this coughing. It had basically stopped after his radiation had finished. He just finished his 2nd round chemo last week, cisplatin and navelbine and he is taking it pretty good I must add. Our theory is that he is coughing up all the bad stuff, is he??

He had a CT scan done on March 24 after radiation was completed and chemo was starting and learnt that the tumor had reduced by 50%, which was the best news! but this coughing starting up again has me worried - should I be?

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Don't know the answer to your question - have you asked the doc?? Mine told me that with lung cancer, you will cough. I always seem to cough more a day or two after chemo - I told my doc I like to think of it as the chemo kicking the cancer's $ss!! He said he doesn't think so, but............

Since I never had radiation, maybe this has something to do with it.

Great news about the shrinkage!!!!

Good luck - keep us posted!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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I had the same chemo...and the same cough..was nothing to worry about..just annoying...onc gave me a killer cough syrup (tussionex pennkinetic) worked real good. From my experiance some cough is just part of the deal.

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When did he finish his radiation? You should definitely report the coughing to his oncologist as some lung cancer patients contract radiation pneumonitis after undergoing radiation therapy; and failing to treat this condition can be very dangerous.

Even if it's not that, you should talk to his oncologist anyway, if nothing else in order to gain some relief (coughing is extremely exhausting and can be very debilitating).


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