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New to site but not to LC


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Hi - I've actually been reading this site for a while and finally got around to joining, long overdue. I've been on another site but lately it has not been the help (info and morale-wise) that it was. I'm a 2 1/2 year survivor still going strong. I am 51 years old married w/2 kids (13 and 18) and a nonsmoker whose L/C was found by accident - in that I'm fortunate. This last week has been extremely stressful as I get my PET results tomorrow. The moment I hate most is when my doctor walks in; he's got a good "poker face" so I can't read him till he starts talking. The bright side is I haven't gone through all the treatments yet (wait a minute, that's the bright side? boy has my perspective changed in 2 1/2 years.)

Hope to "talk" to some of you in the future.


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Welcome Marcia, glad you found us and logged on. I was diagnosed at 50 , now its 10 years later! Those test times are always chalenging! Keep us posted.


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Hi, Marcia, welcome to the group. Ah, scanxiety! My own will be in full swing within a couple of weeks.

I've been on the same treatment as you, but in a somewhat different order. Taxol/Carbo/Avastin 4 months, Avastin alone 8 months, Tarceva since October 2007. I haven't yet met the other NED, but at least I'm stable (as far as I know) and feeling good. Looking forward to seeing your report! Aloha,


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Welcome Marcia!

I hope that you are able to find the information and support you were looking for at the "other site" here.

There are so many wonderful folks here with so many amazing stories.

Good luck with your doc/scan visit. I am usually a nervous wreck until the results are spoken.

Wendy 4+ yr survivor

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Hello and a warm welcome, Marcia,

Glad that you joined, and are here.

Personally, this is where I receive lots of support and just reading the replies, the histories, and the postings has given me a lot of positive input.

I do hope your Pet scan went well. The scan times and the waiting for the results can be very tedious (to say the least).

Our oncologist has a face and general demeanor that never clues us on what is to come. Of course, if it were anything of utmost importance on the scans, we get a phone call.

Holding onto positive thinking,


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