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Staying positive


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Going on 10 months since I was told that I had 2 to 10 months to live. I feel really great for an almost dead person!!!

I exercise with oxygen 5 times a week,(the only time I have to use oxygen) eat organic and healthy as much as I can stand, I do cheat and eat out once every week or two. I take supplements and use alternative treatments with my chemo. I have rescheduled my PET for this friday, my husband changed jobs and we had to wait for the typical insurance snafu's. I know the results will be good. My goal is to keep giving the C word what it hates, antioxidant's and oxygen!!


Thanks Connie for keeping people aware that every day we awake, we are survivors.

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Hi, Kathy and good going!

Like you, I'm a IIIB who's opted for both standard and complementary medicine. Statistically, I had 13 months at the outside w/no treatment and I'm now at 15 months w/partial treatment (30 of 33 radiation treatments & 15 of 18 chemo treatments) by a great medical team lots of complementary treatments (see below) as well as mental health therapy and both online and local cancer support groups--all accompanied by a positive attitude.

It is extremely gratifying to read of your own attitude and activities. I wish you the very best!


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From one "almost dead" to another - you rock, girl!!

I was told a year and now have been still aggravating the cancer for 19 months!! Don't ya just love p/ssing off the cancer by staying healthy?? :lol:

Will be looking forward to your GREAT scan results!!

Hugs - Patti B

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Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and positive vibes!!! We are all survivors, all we have to do is wake up everyday :lol: I will post the results of my pet scan under the test results etc... column. I won't get them for a week as my Doc is on vacation. Just another week to believe in the power of positive thinking.

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Go Kathy!

I hear a lot of Dr. switching. I'd like to strike my Onc. with a switch! He said , there is NO CURE! the nerve. I see my PMD today. It looks like avastin will be my next step, 3 rounds? I shut him off at there is no cure, what an arse. I'll post after friday when I get the whole picture. I may just switch Dr's just so he's not my Doc when I'm here next year! Mary

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You'll show them. Don't listen to the naysayers.

When I went for my first chemo, I got to chatting with the woman in the next chair. She said she'd been doing this for 10 years -- she is a breast cancer survivor. When I made a face, she said that her first oncologist had told her that she had at most 2 to 3 months and that nothing could be done for her.

So she went to my oncologist for a second opinion and 10 years later is still going strong!


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