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I got my latest scan results today and it appears that the cancer is still behaving itself. After almost sixteen weeks on this trial the cancer has not grown at all, and the small nodules appear to be cavitating. This means that I will continue on the seliciclib for another six weeks, that is, if I'm truly getting it and not the placebo.

At this point in time I believe that I'm getting the real thing, as never before have I had such stability. My results during my time on avastin and on alimta were always stability/a bit of growth. I do not believe that the cancer just suddenly stopped growing on its own.

I finally have all the side effects managed and the treatment has become quite tolerable. The biggest thing was getting off of the decadron. Nausea is a common side effect of this drug so I take decadron, zofran and ativan for prevention. The decadron keeps me awake for days and the sleep deprivation was just awful. I decided to see what would happen if I dropped it down to once a day, apparently, nothing. I felt fine, no nausea at all, so this time around I'm dropping the other dose too.

I celebrated my two year anniversary of my diagnosis on March 29, and it feels SO good to say that I'm now on year three.

Thanks for being here!


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This is exactly why I thank You for being a PIONEER in LUNG CANCER REEARCH!!!!!!!!

Congrats and Thanks for sharing Tracey we were getting concerned and wondering how you have been doing! :):):):)

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