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Uh oh.


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If anyone watched the tribute to Johnny Cash on CMT the other day you've already heard this one. Rodney Crowell related it just before he sang.

Singer Rodney Crowell was dating (and living with) Rosanne Cash in LA. Johnny and June Carter Cash apparently found out about the situation and "summoned" the two youngsters to their home in Jamaca. The summons consisted of plane tickets for two showing up in Rodney and Rosanne's mail box one day :).

Now Rodeny was just a bit nervous about all this and, in order to calm his nerves, imbibed a bit on the flight down to the islands.

After ariving Rodeny was walking through the house and heard Johnny and Roseanne having a bit of a tif over the sleeping arraingments for their visit. Roseanne was claiming that since she and Rodeny were sleeping together in LA they ought to be able to have the same freedom while they stayed in Jamaca. Apparently Johnnie and June Carter were not altogether in agreement with this idea.

Rodney, upon hearing all this, summoned up his liquid courage and faced the mighty "Man in Black" and proclaimed that he and Roseanne WOULD sleep in the same room and that was that!

Johnny gave Rodney one of his famous "looks" and said, "Son, I don't know you well enough to miss you when your gone."

OUCH! :)


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