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Getting to Know You - April 23 - EEEEEEEK!


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When you see a spider on the wall, what do you do?

___ignore it

___kill it

___catch it in a glass and set it free outside

___catch it with my bare hands and set it free

___get someone else to kill it

___get the dog or cat to catch it

___Pulverize the hell out of it with a baseball bat

___Get out the shotgun and shoot the dern thing

___Leave town~~~~~~~~~~~~

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I am totally freaked out by spiders!!! Always have been. After a lot of shaking and shivering and yelling what am I gonna do, I will kill it!! Unfortunately I gave my fear of spiders to my son, so I can't even ask him to kill it for me :(

Hugs - Patti B

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Ignore it.

The spiders and I have an understanding. As long as they stay off my physical person they get to live. Spiders eat other bugs so I figure they earn their living. Of course, if my cat, Digger, sees them - all bets are off. (We need a smiley that signifies disgust.)

We don't have many poisonous critters in the northeast. If I lived outwest or downsouth, I might feel differently.


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