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Hanks out of the hospital

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Hi everybody,

Just thought I'd check in and give you the latest. After a week of hospitalization for a blood clot in his lung, Hank was released today. He now has to be on Coumadin to prevent this from happening again. The doctor has also ordered oxygen, which he does not seem to need as long as he's not exerting himself in any way. The doctor does feel that after a while the oxygen

hopefully will no longer be necessary. Hank is scheduled for his third chemo session on May 2nd. At this point, after comparing first CAT scans with the ones taken this week at the hospital, the doctor says that there is approximately 20% shrinkage in the tumor. The doctor thinks this is encouraging because he has only had 2 treatments at this point, and also because there was only a 30% chance that the tumor would respond to the treatment at all. So, I would say that things are looking up, and we continue to be hopeful about continued success.

All the best,


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Hi, Gail.

Great news! Congrats to you and Hank.

I, too, had a blood clot (pulmonary embolism) in my left (good) lower lobe in late March of 2007, and was placed on Lovenox (an injection that's an alternative to Coumadin) and oxygen.

I am still on Lovenox, but my oxygen needs--which at one point were up to 5 liters (due to combo of pulmonary embolism and radiation pneumonitis)--are now down to one liter when active and zero liters when sleeping, sitting, walking around house, etc.

I purchased my own oxymeter in order to measure my blood oxygen levels so that I could keep my supplemental needs to a minimum. The medical supply house oxymeter prices are outrageous (of course), but REI, which is a sporting goods coop, sells oxymeters for mountain climbers that run about $160.00 and a company called Devon sells them online for even less (you should be able find them by using Google).

You may not feel the need to do this, but I found it very helpful--particularly last summer when I was traveling back and forth between Colorado (alt. 5800) and California (alt. 0) with my needs changing rapidly in between.

Hope this helps,


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