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Diagnosed 4-14-08


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I've been diagnosed with stage IV non small cell cancer.So this is new to me. I'm a 47 yr old male and thought I was in good health.

I started chemo a week ago and got through it without much trouble, but I don't feel medicine alone is the answer. I am looking for something else,but I dont know what it is.

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Hello and welcome. I am so sorry you had reason to find a site like this but very glad you joined this one.

Please read through some of the posts on the survivors forum as well as the good news one. You will find a lot of hope and encouragement there.

Please keep posting and let us know how we can help. There is always someone here that will answer you and there is always someone here to lean on.



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Hi, Rick.

Following my dx with Stage IIIB NSCLC, I began concurrent chemo and radiation therapy, but--like you--wanted to be more proactive.

I changed my diet drastically, upped my daily exercise (to the extent possible given my treatments), added vitamins and herbs, acupuncture and massage therapy.

I can't say for sure that any one of these changes has helped prolong my life, but I feel strongly that all of them--as a whole--have contributed greatly toward improving the quality of my daily life.


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Hello Rick,

Welcome to you Rick, but sorry for your need to find us.

It can be an overwhelming diagnosis at the start, but getting into therapy is key, and you are already doing that. It can get a lot better moving forward.

There are many things you can do, even while in therapy. We were reminded frequently at the beginning that being hydrated during chemo was important (Bill drank plenty of fluids), and to be eating well, and getting rest when needed.

You have come to a very informative, warm and generous site.

Let us know how it is going, Rick. There are so many here who will give you support.

Wishing you well,


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Hi Rick,

Good to me you, but sorry you have to be here.

My guy Hank was diagnosed stage 1V last month. It's scary, and traumatic, especially at first, but we did find that once you begin treatment and are in action against the disease, it does get easier to deal with.

Hank has had 2 chemo treatments at this point, and there is already significant shrinkage of his tumor, so we are remaining positive and mentally, in fighting mode.

As for any other alternative treatment, all we are doing is making sure he's well hydrated, well fed, well rested, and getting as much exercise as he can tolerate.

I wish you great success in your journey.

Always the best,


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Hi Rick - welcome - you have come to a great place for support and hope!

I can't give you advice on exercise, vitamins etc. But, I can tell you to drink lots of water - it helps so much with the side affects. Sleep when you are tired - I take a nap most days. When I am over tired I don't sleep at night and I get run down and sick. Try to keep a positive attitude - this can be a hard one - but get out in the sunshine and remember that life is good every day - and I too believe in the power of prayer. Prayer, laughter, sleep and lots of water - yup that's whats keeping me going!

I wish you well - keep us posted


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Rick, have you been reading the responses to your message? We have a large, diverse, amazing group of people here who have plenty of first-hand knowledge and are ready, willing, even eager to help you through this. But there are just too many variables for us to give the best advice without a bit more detail. What are your symptoms? Where is the cancer located? What chemo drugs are you on? What side effects are you having?

I am looking for something else, but I don't know what it is.

The possibilities run the gamut. Supplements? You have to be careful here, as some supplements are believed to interfere with various chemo agents. Mind-body medicine? A huge subject. To quote from Dr. Dan Labriola, Director of Naturopathic Services at Swedish Cancer Institute in Seattle (a highly regarded facility), "Mind-body medicine is high on my list of strategies including meditation, visualization, imagery, psycho-oncology, stress reduction, spirituality and more. Human studies suggest that there is benefit even though it is difficult to get clear data."

Let us know what sounds interesting and in line with your views and comfort zone. Best wishes and Aloha,


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So sorry about your diagnosis, I'm sure you were in shock, like I was. I am a 2 1/2 year Stage IV survivor, pretty much traditional treatment (chemo, radiation) but a firm believer in good diet, some exercise, and a good support network to maintain your stamina as you go through treatment. Hope you can get some inspiration and hope from people here.


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Welcome Rick;

I drink a lot of water, take naps in the morning and am active in the afternoon. I make a point of walking a mile a day. I also take certain supplements, but I run it by the oncologist first. I pray too and gratefully accept prayers. You have my prayers for a good response to your treatment.

Don m

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