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Iressa IS Working!!!

Guest Piermarie

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Guest Piermarie

My mother has been taking Iressa for almost two months now and we had her CT done last week and found out that the cancer in both the lung and her liver has been getting smaller. I was too happy to even ask about the exact measurements because either way it didn't matter!!!

My mom has been feeling sooooo much better, cooking, baking and doing stuff around the house, even babysitting her granddaughters and encouraging me to go out!!!

I know that right now I will enjoy every moment of her "feeling great" days and never take them for granted, they are precious to me beyond words. She's even going to Florida in January with her sister and husband for a couple of months as long as she is feeling good.

So, for whoever needs encouragement about the Iressa, I guess that is the truth what everyone says: When it works, it works!!!! Hopefully, we'll get a great response for a loooonnnnggg time. No more scans till end of February as long as stays status quo....Yeah!!!!!

I know I don't post often but I read EVERYTHING and it has given me strength and hope beyond what I thought I could ever have, Thank you...

Pier :lol:

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This IS Fantastic NEWS. Today was my last treatment for my 5th cycle with one more cycle of carbo/taxol to go. After that, doc wants to put me on Irissa for Maintenance for as long as it works. I have been really nervous about it and love hearing success stores like your moms.

Praying for your mom and your family for continued success.

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My mother who is 76 was diagnosed with squamous cell nsclc 10/03. She has received 4 rounds of chemo Taxo/Carbo with no results. Her oncologist suggested taxotere which she started immediately. The bad reactions (mouth sores/Thrush) caused her to discontinue treatment after just one. She is now starting the drug Iressa and has taken two pills. I have heard that the Iressa is working if you have a really bad rash. Does this seem to be the case? I am so hopeful this works for her. So far she feels good (anything is good compared to what she has been through) :( Anyone know what stage she may be in? Nobody wants to ask, although she probably talks to her onc. about it? She has a 3 cm lesion with another one starting. It is in her lymph nodes into her other lung. That is all I know :( I know my mother and I doubt she would tell us if it is has mets. anywhere. Do they always check even if the patient says no? I am scared for her...


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